Introduction to Petro Online AS in English

Petro Online delivers TAS (Terminal Automation System) solution for efficient distribution and storage of oil products, gas and chemical liquids. Based on in depth knowledge of customers’ value chain, PetroOnline are able to deliver products and services for cost efficient distribution. Accella, our terminal automation system, is marked leader in the Nordics.


Petro Online AS is a limited liability company registered in Norway .
The company was established in mid 1970 using the name Norapp. Norapp started as manufacturer of 8 mm film projector, but after the introduction of the video, the company had to find other markets.
Then the idée of using some of the same technology as in the film projector to make level gauges for oil tanks up. This was the company’s introduction to the oil business.
The Terminal Automation System, Accella, was first introduced in the early 1990’s. The Accella system has been installed for customers in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. Totally there are more than 80 systems running today.
The company name was changed to Petro Online in 2000.    

PetroOnline also have a leading role as supplier of equipment for oil terminals. The additvation system, produced and delivered by PetroOnline, are unique because of its long life time and robustness. Other products in portfolio are, among others, tank gauging systems from Rosemount Tank Radar AB (earlier named SAAB), overfill protection for tank trucks and loading arms from OPW Fluid Transfer Group and additivation system from Blendtech.



General Manager: Arnfinn Revelsby
Chairman of the Board: Morten Solberg


Accella - Terminal Automation System



- managing the flows

Accella is a module-based software offering unique functionality for automation, operation and administration for petroleum terminals and oil distribution. Accella can be configured for individual terminals as well as network-based solutions for the central operation of regional, national and global terminal chains.

Based on in-depth knowledge of the value-chain, we offer scalable systems and services with documented increase of efficiency and reduced cost of operation. In today’s market, where the trends show tough margins and hard competition, it is essential for management to have access to real-time information from Accella.

The bricks of Accella

Accella is a highly modular system where functionality is built up "brick-by-brick".
The “first brick” in an Accella terminal automation system is Accella//Core.
Accella//Core consists of hardware (server), operating system, database, networking software and the basic installation of the Accella software. Accella could be run on one server or several servers – ex. one application server and one database server.
The Accella client, the graphical user interface, is build with Microsoft.NET technology.
The communication between the client and the Accella server is based on web services. All data in the system is stored in one or several Oracle databases - one database for each Accella terminal.

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Accella//LOAD – Based on PLC hardware from Omron for process interface, Accella//Load is a highly flexible loading control system for truck, ship or rail loading.
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As addons to the Accella//LOAD module, following modules are available:

Accella//ADDIT (Additive & Dyeing) for control, reporting and administration of additives and blending.
read more..... (Productsheet Accella//ADDIT)

Accella//SEC (Security & Admission) provides enhanced functions for authorization, authentication, auditing and security.
read more..... (Productsheet Accella//SEC)

Accella//REP (Reports) gives the possibility for own report configuration and also prepares data for Excel & Pivot reports

Accella//AEN (Alarm & Event) for enhanced alarm handling incl. alarms to mobile or PDA.
read more..... (Productsheet Accella//AEN)

Accella//MPS (Maintenance Planning System) for follow up of critical components

Accella standalone modules: Accella//SCADA (Process Visualization & Control) – graphical view of the ongoing processes (loadings etc.)

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Accella//TISB (Tank Inventory & Stock Balancing) – full control of stock including product receipt handling
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Accella//ERP (ERP Interface) – data exchange with company administration system, i.e.SAP
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Accella//OTC (On Truck Computer) – handling deliveries to customers & service stations
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In addition Accella//ARP (Order & Invoicing) with Accella integrated with Order & Invoicing systems and Accella//COP, a concept for Cross Over Prevention to prevent cross filling at service stations.
read more..... (Productsheet Accella//COP&Order)  

Main references for the Accella system:

  • Circle K in Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden

  • St1 in Sweden and Norway

  • Uno-X Energi in Norway 

  • Oliudreifing Ehf, Iceland

  • Gallon, Iceland

  • Magn P/F, Faroe Islands

  • P/F Effo, Faroe Islands

  • Kalundborg Refinery, Denmark

  • Univar Solution, Norway

  • Veidekke AS, Norway

  • The Royal Norwegian Air Force, Norway